Cleanliness Grades: what you need to know

One of the methodologies for indicating compliance with cleanliness requirements are Cleanliness Grades. These Grades are used to assess and control the degree of cleanliness, ensuring that your supply meets the required standards. With High Precision Cleaning, we provide vital services to leading companies in various sectors of the high-tech industry such as semicon, OLED and medical, where highly sensitive equipment and components must meet strict cleanliness requirements in order to be used in high-tech production environments. 

Why are Cleanliness Grades important?

Cleanliness Grades are important for several reasons. As a measure, they ensure that a cleaned product meets the necessary cleanliness standards within the respective Grade. This ensures that in terms of cleanliness, products are safe for use or application. It also helps in some cases to prevent the spread of bacteria. 

Second, Cleanliness Grades provide a clear benchmark for companies to work toward. By aiming for a higher grade, companies can improve their cleaning procedures and maintain higher hygiene standards. Finally, Cleanliness Grades can also affect a company's reputation. Customers are more likely to trust and return to a business that maintains a high cleanliness standard.

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