Customer case FenS Meilink Precision Cleaning Grade 1 cleanliness

state-of-the-art car wash at Innovar Cleaning Control

Meilink Precision Cleaning Cleaning Control has long been a trusted partner of FenS. Together, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. To meet the highest standards of cleanliness, we use FenS' advanced Deconex High Purity Cleaners. These innovative cleaners have proven to contribute to the Grade 1 cleanliness we strive for.

In the video below, we'd like to take you inside our state-of-the-art car wash at Meilink Precision Cleaning Control. This is the beating heart of our cleaning operations and a place that reflects our long-standing partnership with FenS. The video offers a unique look behind the scenes and shows how we use Deconex High Purity Cleaners to optimize our cleaning processes.

At Meilink Precision Cleaning Control, we understand the importance of thorough and reliable cleaning, especially in industries where Grade 1 cleanliness is essential, such as the pharmaceutical, medical and electronics industries. By partnering with FenS, we can guarantee our customers a high level of cleanliness and meet the most stringent quality and safety requirements.