Bake out

Baking out parts is an additional cleaning step. The increased temperature creates a higher release of molecules, making your product even cleaner. By default, this procedure consists of a fumigation step at 120°C for 24 hours. Other temperatures and times are of course also possible. In addition, you can choose between an atmospheric flushing step at overpressure with XCDA flush or a flushing step at vacuum pressure. We will be happy to advise you on the various firing options since not every material type, geometry or assembly can be fired in the same way. Feel free to ask any question!


Cleanliness Qualification

With RGA measurements and particle qualification, we ensure that you're sure that your products will meet cleanliness requirements. For residual gas analysis (RGA) we can work with 5 different RGA systems, with capacities ranging from 8 liters to 1,500 liters. So we can always use the most appropriate system. Of course, we use special lifting and handling equipment to handle your product with care. Before any product leaves the cleanroom, we perform a particle qualification. This includes ultraviolet light for a visual check for particles. Other techniques we offer are PMC and ORK.

Clean Assy

These are cleanroom clean and resistant plastic bags and block bags that protect products from cross contamination. These consumables are vital for effective cleanroom operations. We originally developed the Clean Assy products as an additional service, but they have fairly quickly become a full-fledged service to customers. Whether it's bottom sheets or block bags - with or without holes and/or tape - you can turn to us for the Clean Assy, suitable for any work that needs to be done accurately and efficiently. Want to know more or place an order?

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